Train less. Sell more.

You make technology investments. RockTech makes sure they pay off with intuitive, learn-by-doing guidance that gets teams up to speed fast and keeps them there.

Technology constantly evolves. Technology training? Not so much.

Technology only works if your sales teams know how to use it. Your top performers will always rise to meet the challenge, but the rest get stuck in the cloud. The problem is that technology training is stuck in the last century. So what’s the solution?

Achieve the productivity you’re paying for with RockTech.

As an enterprise organization, how do you get large numbers of people to gain — and maintain — expertise in rapidly changing technologies? Put the guidance right on their screens so they can learn by doing rather than taking a time-out for training. Measure their behavior to that guidance. Rinse, repeat and drive revenue. That’s RockTech.

How it Works

A fast, effective alternative to one-size-fits-all webinars and manuals or expensive in-person training, RockTech gives you a better way to adopt technologies with patented contextual guidance and engagement metrics.

See how GE uses RockTech to dramatically increase client engagement.

GE Case Study

Here’s what global organizations are saying about our platform:

"RockTech is the leader in helping corporate sales teams get more from their technology investments. Using their application, we’ve seen a 54% increase in penetration in new, top-tier customer accounts, creating substantial incremental revenue"

− John Sabino, SVP Commercial Excellence, GE Capital

"GE uses RockTech to help our sales team sell more. The platform delivers scalability and saves time in a way we have not seen elsewhere in the space."

− Beth Comstock, CMO, GE

"RockTech has helped our sales teams connect better with our customers, generating millions of dollars in new sales opportunities."

− Renee Armstong, Chief Marketing Officer and GM Commercial Operations, GE Intelligent Platforms

"We use RockTech to increase our sales organization's social selling expertise. It's remarkable how quickly we've seen inexperienced users generate closed business and increase deal velocity because of this platform."

− Jaime Irick, President & CEO, GE Lighting Solutions

Find out why global enterprises rely on RockTech to measure — and build upon — their sales success with embedded best practices and real-time interaction.

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